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Civil Practice Clinic

Advanced Civil Practice Clinic

In the Civil Practice Clinic, students, under the supervision of an attorney, provide assistance to low-income persons eligible for legal services from the Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center. Students do the necessary interviewing, investigation, research, case strategy development, drafting, and trial preparation work for their clients. Clinic members occasionally have the opportunity to handle court or administrative hearings. The classroom component consists of weekly two- to three- hour classes in which the role of all participants in the legal system is discussed.

Kayleigh Lindemuth and Emma Pelkey1 copy(1)

Kayleigh Lindemuth and Emma Pelkey
Civil Practice Clinic students work on-site at the
Legal Aid and Advocacy Center

Students who successfully complete the Civil Practice Clinic in the fall may elect to continue in the spring in the Advanced Civil Practice Clinic. In the advanced clinic only casework and individual meetings with the instructor are involved. In rare instances, students may apply to the instructor for admission to the Advanced Civil Practice Clinic in the fall.

Clinic Leadership
Chas. Horner, Staff Attorney
Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center
Civil Practice Clinic student participants:

“As a participant in the Civil Practice Clinic I met with the supervising attorney once
weekly, more often as needed. We met as a class once a week. The course content was
good and worked well with the types of cases I was getting. Clinic leader and Legal Aid
attorney Chas Horner was great. He was extremely responsive to questions and requests,
by email and by text. He gave students the freedom to test theories, but was a solid check
when those theories got too far afield. He was able to resolve questions that came up,
gave good to excellent tactical advice, and was willing to be persuaded if a student had a
better argument to do something other than his first advice. He knows the relevant laws
very well, and was always willing to share his knowledge freely.”
Mike Kinsey

"We met once a week as a group, and I had a one-on-one meeting with my supervisor
each week. I also communicated with my supervisor on an as-needed basis, as clients
issues arose. All-in-all, this structure worked very well. I had time each week to discuss
issues in-depth, but also to get the quick answers I needed, when I needed them. Plus, the
client experience boosted my confidence; I now know I can competently perform the duties
of a lawyer."
Amanda Rogerson

“The Civil Practice Clinic gives you a lot of practical experience, more than you get from
any regular law school course. You learn how to work with clients and figure out whether
or not you can assist them with their problems. It gives you a chance to hone your own
skills and work independently, while at the same time having the support of Chas Horner,
an exceptional mentor, and an experienced office staff.”
Kayleigh Lindemuth

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