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Frequently Asked Questions – Clinics

Can I participate in a clinic as a first- or second-year law student? While first-year students can’t participate in clinics, second-year students do have the opportunity to participate in several clinics. Second-year students can participate in the Environmental Law Clinic, the Nonprofit Clinic, the Small Claims Mediation Clinic, and the Probate Mediation Clinic. Other clinics, particularly those that require students to be court certified, admit only third-year students.

How do I enroll in a clinic? Generally, in order to participate in a clinic, students must participate in the Clinic Draw. Details of the Clinic Draw Process are available on MyLaw. Please note that some clinics have different requirements. Be sure to read the detailed clinic descriptions on MyLaw for more information.

Do the clinics have prerequisites? Some clinics have prerequisites. Others strongly recommend that you take certain courses. The detailed clinic descriptions on MyLaw will give you specific information about the clinic that you’re interested in.

My clinic requires me to be court certified. How do I become court certified? The Student Affairs office will assist you in becoming certified. Details of the court certification process are available on MyLaw.

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