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Criminal Defense Clinic

Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic

The Criminal Defense Clinic is a fall semester clinic in which students represent approximately ten clients.

Students are assigned clients in a variety of misdemeanor cases. These cases include diversion eligible DUII charges, other DUII charges, and various misdemeanor and traffic offenses. Participating students conduct client interviews, review police reports, interview witnesses, and handle all aspects of the plea negotiations, motions, change of plea, call dates, jury trial, and sentencing, under the direction of the supervising attorney.

The focus of the Criminal Defense Clinic is on the application of legal theory to real cases, tactics of negotiation, and building skill and confidence through court appearances, in a variety of situations before different Judges.

Third-year student with Oregon Supreme Court certification
DUII diversion docket scheduled Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.
Weekly class
Training sessions

In the Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic students are involved only in casework. Students who have satisfactorily completed the Criminal Defense Clinic in the fall may apply to the instructor for the Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic in the spring.

Clinic Leadership
Thomas L. Fagan, Public Defenders Services of Lane County, Inc.
Hugh Duvall, Duvall Law Office, P.C.

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