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Criminal Prosecution Clinic

Advanced Criminal Prosecution Clinic

In the Criminal Prosecution Clinic students are assigned to one of several local prosecutors' offices, where they prepare and try minor criminal cases under the supervision of an attorney. Students may assist senior prosecutors on felony cases.

Students who have a demonstrated interest in juvenile or domestic violence issues may have the opportunity to be assigned to units that deal particularly with those issues.

lcda_logo_finalThe Advanced Criminal Prosecution Clinic involves students in litigation, from simple to complicated. They try several jury trials during a semester, prepare felony trials, respond to and argue circuit court motions, and assist felony trial lawyers with circuit court cases. Placement for students in this clinic is usually in the Lane County District Attorney's Office.

Jay Hall and Chris Parosa both Lane County Deputy District Attorneys head the Criminal Prosecution and Advanced Criminal Prosecution Clinics.

The clinic is comprised of two parts – one part academic and one part experience. The students review the procedure of preparing for a case under the direction of Jay Hall in a Lane County court room.

gavelThe Criminal Prosecution Clinics give law students practice standing up in court. Students learn courtroom protocol and gain experience responding to questions delivered by a judge.

The classroom component consists of weekly two- to three-hour classes in which the role of all the participants in the criminal justice system is discussed through the various stages of the criminal process. Participating students are trained how to actually prosecute a case in the classroom portion of the Criminal Prosecution Clinic.

Long time Deputy DA Erin Zemper says, “I know Oregon Law encourages students to take on a clinic experience because that’s how you get that practical, real-world legal experience. It is the bridge between academia and the real world.”

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