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Clinics & Externships

Student Eligibility for Externships

Student Application for an Externship. A student who wishes to participate in an externship and has already secured his or her externship placement must apply to receive academic credit for his or her externship. That application is available on MyLaw. Student applications are typically granted as long as the student meets the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility. To be eligible for an externship, a student must have completed his or her first year of law school and must be in good academic standing. In addition, to be eligible a student must have successfully completed any externship in which he or she has enrolled.

Permission Required. Even otherwise eligible students must receive permission from the Director of Clinics and Externships if (1) the student is in the bottom quartile of his or her class, (2) the student wishes to extern at multiple placements or work at an externship and a clinic during a single semester, or (3) the student wishes to spend more than a single semester at a placement.

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