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Organizations that are interested in hosting externs or students who are interested in pursuing unique externship opportunities should be aware of the eligibility rules for both placements and field supervisors. It can also be helpful to understand the process for placement approval.

Placement Eligibility. Generally, field placements must be a judicial, government, or nonprofit organization. Under certain circumstances, Oregon Law's curriculum committee will approve placements with for-profit law firms or in-house counsel.  For more information about whether a for-profit law firm or an in-house counsel might be an appropriate placement, please read the information linked here and this letter from the Department of Labor.  If you have questions, please contact, contact Professor Suzanne Rowe, the Director of the Externships.

Placements must also ensure that students will be engaged in substantive legal work and that at least 80% of the student's work will be performed on site at the field placement.

Field Supervisor Eligibility. Each field placement must have a designated field supervisor. A designated field supervisor must work on site and be a licensed attorney with at least 3 to 5 years of professional experience or experience in a supervisory role.

Process for Placement Approval. In order for a Oregon Law extern to be placed at a particular field placement, that placement must first be approved by the law school’s curriculum committee. This process begins with the placement filling out an application and submitting it to the Clinics and Externships Office.  If the placement meets the eligibility requirements, the application will be submitted to the curriculum committee. Upon approval, the externship can be advertised through the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development.

Depending on the time of year, the approval process can take several weeks or longer. Students who wish to work with an organization to develop their own unique externship should plan in advance. If the externship is for the spring semester, the application should be delivered to Professor Rowe by early January. If the externship is for the summer or fall semester, the application should be delivered to Professor Rowe by mid-April. Applications received at other times may not be approved in time for a student to be placed in the desired semester.

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