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Faculty and Staff

Adell Amos: Professional & Community Activities


Senior Leadership Team, UO Law School, 2011-2013 (as Associate Dean)
Appointments Committee, 2011-2013 (as Associate Dean); 2009-2010
            Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee, 2011-2013 (as Associate Dean); 2009-2010; 2007–2008
            Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, 2011-2013 (as Associate Dean)
Environmental Law L.LM. Admissions Committee, 2011-2012; 2006–2007
Law School Curriculum Committee, 2011-2013 (as Associate Dean); 2008–2009
Transfer Admissions Committee, 2011-present
Diversity Committee, 2009-2010; 2012-2013
Academic and Professional Success Committee, 2012-2013

Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics, Advisory Board, 2007–present
Research Advisory Board, Vice President for Research and Innovation Office 2012-2013
            Portland Situational Analysis Working Group, 2012-2013
            Truman Scholars Program (coordinated through the College of Arts and Sciences) 2012-2013
Environmental Studies Program, Executive Committee, 2006–2009
Green Business Initiative, Steering Committee, 2009-2013
Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation, Faculty Advisor, 2005–2009; 2009-2011; 2012-2013
Law School Pro Bono Committee, 2005–2006
Oregon Law Review, Faculty Advisor, 2007-2009
Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund Board, 2005–2008
Oregon Tribes Professorship, Visitors Committee, 2008–2009
            Resource Innovations—Climate Leadership Initiative, Faculty Advisory Committee, 2009-2010
            University of Oregon, Meyer Sustainability Fund Working Group, Committee Member, 2007–present
            University Senate, 2007–2008 (elected)


Ninth Circuit Representative for the District of Oregon, 2013-2016 (appointed by the
                   judges of the federal District Court in Oregon)
             Vice Chair, Public Land and Resources Committee, American Bar Association, Section on
                   Environment, Energy, and Resources, 2012-14 (appointed)
National Judicial Center, Dividing the Water Program, Advisory Committee
Editorial Board, American Bar Association, Section on Energy & Environment, Trends Magazine, 2008–2011
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, pro bono work with Russian, Mongolian, and Haitian environmental lawyers on adaptation of U.S. dam system to climate change, 2012
Policy Dialogue Participant, Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University, 2007–2008
Oregon State Bar Ad-Hoc Task Force on Law—Sustainability Study, 2007–2009
Vice-Chair, Planning Committee, American Bar Association, Eastern Water Law Conference, 2006-2007
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, pro bono work with Chilean environmental lawyer on public involvement under U.S. law in dam authorization and construction, 2008
Southern Nevada Water Project, Nature Conservancy, pro bono work on water rights applications pending before the Nevada State Engineer, 2006
Advisory Board Member, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program, University of Oregon School of Law, 2003–2005

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