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Carl S. Bjerre: Publications


Carl S. Bjerre, 7A Revised Article 8: Investment Securities, in Hawkland Uniform Commerical Code Series (Thomson Reuters 2013) (revision of main volume with William Hawkland & James Rogers) Further Information  Westlaw

Carl S. Bjerre, 9A, 9B and 9C Revised Article 9: Secured Transactions, in Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series (Thomson Reuters 2013) (cumulative annual supplement with William Hawkland & Frederick H. Miller) Further Information

Carl S. Bjerre and Sandra M. Rocks, The ABCs of the UCC, Article 8: Investment Securities, 2d edition (American Bar Association 2004)

Carl S. Bjerre, Project Finance and Consent, published as a chapter of Privatising Development: Transnational Law, Infrastructure and Human Rights, edited by Michael B. Likosky (Leiden and Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers 2005) (substantially reprinting a journal article)


Carl S. Bjerre, Investment Securities, 38 Business Lawyer vol. 4 (August 2013).

Carl S. Bjerre, Intermediated Securities: Legal Problems and Practical Issues (Book Review), 27 Banking and Financial L. Rev. 753 (2012)

Carl S. Bjerre and Sandra M. Rocks, A Transactional Approach to the Hague Securities Convention, 3 Capital Markets Law J. 109 (2008)

Carl S. Bjerre, Principle and Utility in the Structure of Securities Ownership:  A Comment on Schwarcz and Benjamin, 12 Duke J. Comp. & Int’l L. 331 (2002) (in symposium on international structured finance transactions)

Carl S. Bjerre, International Project Finance Transactions:  Selected Issues Under UCC Article 9, 73 Am. Bankruptcy L.J. 261 (1999) (in symposium on revisions of Uniform Commercial Code Article 9)

Carl S. Bjerre, Secured Transactions Inside Out:  Negative Pledge Covenants, Property and Perfection, 84 Cornell L. Rev. 305 (1999)

Carl S. Bjerre, Thanks, Boss:  A Tribute to Professor Jim Mooney, 87 Or. L. Rev. 14 (2008)

Carl S. Bjerre, Mental Capacity as Metaphor, 18 Int’l J. Semiotics of L. 101 (2005)


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