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Diane Baxter

Senior Lecturer, UO Department of Anthropology


Diane Baxter (B.A.. 1976, UCLA; M.A., 1982, UC-Northridge; Ph.D., 1991, UCLA) is a Senior Lecturer at UO since 1992. Diane Baxter's research focuses on the politics of identity among displaced persons, women, and indigenous peoples in colonial and postcolonial societies. Her area focus continues to be the Middle East, in particular Israel/Palestine. Currently she is studying Palestinian refugees in the U.S. She is vice-Chair of the AAA'S Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (CORI) and co-editor of CORI'S 24 Selected Papers in Refugee and Immigrant Studies. Her article "Idealized and Devalued: Images of Identity among Palestinians in West Bank Refugee Camps" is included in the CORI volume.

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