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Leslie Harris

Leslie Harris is the Dorothy Kliks Fones Professor of Law at the University of Oregon, where she teaches Family Law and other courses and directs the Oregon Child Advocacy Project, which provides education and assistance to attorneys advocating for the interests of children. She has written law review articles about the child welfare system, nontraditional families, family support duties, and property rights at divorce and is the co-author of textbooks on Family Law and Children and the Law which are widely used throughout the U.S. She is an elected member of the American Law Institute and serves on advisory boards for the Oregon Juvenile Court Improvement Project and several other organizations. She was one of the first recipients of the law school's Orlando John Hollis Faculty Teaching Award.

Below is a Q&A with Professor Harris on what she enjoys about her life as a legal educator. 

Q. Why do you teach?

A. I love to teach, and I love to teach law. Teaching is so rewarding because helping my students develop their knowledge, skills and competence is very exciting and satisfying. And I find law endlessly fascinating because it's how people peacefully resolve problems. So teaching law is the best!

Q. What are your expectations of students?

A. I expect my students to do the very best they can, to be prepared, to participate, and to be curious. Only then can they become the lawyers that their future clients need and deserve.

Q. How does your scholarship enhance the classroom experience?

A. I write textbooks for two of the classes I teach because other books didn¹t provide what I want for my students. I bring the rest of my research and writing in family law and children and the law into class all the time.

Q. What you enjoy about our law school community.

A. Our students, faculty and staff really do have a sense of community and caring about each other that's unusual. I have recently taught at a couple of other law schools which didn't have this characteristic, and I really missed it. And the public service/public interest orientation, broadly defined, of our students is really consistent with my values and gives me even more motivation to help them achieve their goals.

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