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ATL Press Coverage

Tim McDonnell and James West, "No, We Should Not Arrest Climate Deniers," Mother Jones (April 1, 2014).

Press Conference after Oregon Atmospheric Trust Litigation Hearing in front Oregon Court of Appeals, (Jan. 16, 2014).

Plushnick-Mast, Ramit, "Texas Judge Rules Atmosphere, Ais is Public Trust" (July 11, 2012).

Associated Press, "Texas Judge Rules Atmosphere, Air to be Protected Like Water, May Aid Climate Change Lawsuits" (July 11, 2012).

Bump, Phillip, "Texas Judge Rules that the Atmosphere is Protected Under the Public Trust Doctrine"

Correia, David, "Courting Climate Justice in New Mexico" (July 9, 2012).

David Swanson, Judge Deliberates on Whether to Save Earth's Atmosphere (May 13, 2012).

Plitz, Rick, “Hansen:  Climate Science and Moral Responsibility,” http://www.climatesciencewatch.org/2012/04/08/hansen-climate-science-and-moral-responsibility (April 8, 2012).

Swanson, David, “As We Ruin Our Kids’ Planet, They Take Us to Court,” http://my.firedoglake.com/davidswanson/2012/04/10/as-we-ruin-our-kids-planet-they-take-us-to-court/(April 10, 2012).

"Stand Up for Our Future," iMatter March, http://vimeo.com/40336812.

Robinson, Jessica, “Environmentalist Push Climate Change Suits on Behalf of Kids,” Northwest Public Radio, http://nwpr.org/post/environmentalists-push-climate-change-suits-behalf-kids (March 5, 2012).

Schendler, Auden, “Cigarettes’ Lessons for Climate Change"  (March 4, 2012).


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