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Ofer Raban: Minor Publications

Other Selected Publications

Unpacking the court's decision on NSA surveillance (op-ed, The Oregonian, Dec. 21, 2013).

The dignity of the states v. the dignity of the people (op-ed, The Oregonian, June 30, 2013).

Let’s not rush to judgment on surveillance leaker (op-ed, The Register Guard, June 17, 2013).

Judicial oversight of targeted assassinations (op-ed, The Oregonian, Feb 12, 2013).

Faith Exception Rules: Age, race, disability not protected (op-ed, The Register Guard, January 22, 2012).

The Supreme Court Continues to dismantle campaign finance reform (op-ed, The Oregonian, July 8, 2011).

Supreme Court’s ruling in religion case makes little sense (op-ed, The Register Guard, April 12, 2011).

A modest decision about child pornography (op-ed, The Oregonian, January 14, 2011).

Cloak of national security obscures logic of ruling (op-ed, The Oregonian, September 12, 2010).

High court’s support of ‘free speech’ comes at a steep price (op-ed, Register Guard, May 3, 2010).

State’s high court uses hazy reasoning in medical pot ruling (op-ed, Register Guard, April 25, 2010).

Court within its rights in ruling on mandatory sentencing (op-ed, Register Guard, Oct. 5, 2009).

'Actual innocence' as a constitutional right (op-ed, The Oregonian, August 28, 2009).

Dissecting the torture memos (op-ed, The Oregonian, April 28, 2009).

Nude dancers’ expression should be protected by state constitution (op-ed, Register Guard, March 30, 2009).

Weighing the rule of law (op-ed, The Oregonian, March 12, 2009).

Free-speech ruling may add to friction (op-ed, The Oregonian, August 22, 2008).

Bring constitution into the 21st Century (op-ed, Register Guard, June 26, 2008).

Law and moral reasons (proceedings of The International Congress on the Philosophy of Law, Bar Association of Ankara and the Philosophical Society of Turkey, 2008).

An improper claim of executive privilege  (Detroit Legal News, March 2007).

Why Harriet Miers should not be confirmed (Detroit Legal News, October 2005).

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