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Rebekah Hanley: References for Students

I am happy to serve as a reference for a job search, scholarship, or other academic opportunity. If you would like me to serve as a reference for you, please contact me. Then follow these instructions.

First, regardless of the purpose for which I am serving as your reference, fill out and return to me a signed “Information Release form,” which is available at Career Services.

Second, if I am serving as a reference for your job search, please review and respond appropriately to the information below.

For your job search, you will likely list my name and contact information at the bottom of your resume or on a separate list of references. Include this information:

Rebekah Hanley
LRW Professor
University of Oregon School of Law
Eugene, OR 97403-1221
(541) 346-3983

Employers may call me and ask questions about your qualifications, your personality, and your suitability for a position. The following material will help me respond to their questions:

A current copy of your resume.
A current copy of your law school transcript (unofficial is fine).
A short summary of the type of work you are pursuing (area of law), the reasons for your interest in that work, any pertinent background or experience, where you want to work (geographic connections), etc. Feel free to use bullet points that I can read easily while talking on the telephone to an employer. Be as specific as you can. You can provide this information via e-mail or attach it to your resume and transcript.

For each student, I can say many positive things; please help me focus on the three or four things that are most relevant to your desired position. What skills does the position require? Will you be in court, doing research, writing memos and briefs, or working with clients? What skills or attributes would you like me to emphasize?

Good luck!

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