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Faculty and Staff

Rob Illig: Works in Progress


Between Law and Contract:  Surprising and Unusual Sources of Private Obligation (in process)

Oregon Law and Practice:  Volume I, Corporations (in process)

The Law and Regulation of Private Money:  Cases and Materials on Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds and LBO Funds – A Case Study in Transactional Lawyering (in process)

The Evolution of Business Law:  Using Context and History to Understand the Development of Business Regulation in the United States (in process)

Journal Articles

Backdoor Rule-Making:  The Story of the SEC’s Manual of Telephone Interpretations (in process)

Private Makers of Public Law:  A Case Study from the Wake of Sarbanes-Oxley (in process)

B Corporations:  Why Is the Left Surrendering the Middle? (forthcoming 2012)

The Dog That Didn’t Bark:  Private Investment Funds and Relational Contracts in the Wake of the Great Recession (forthcoming 2012)

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