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Faculty and Staff

Stuart Chinn

Associate Professor
Kenneth J. O'Connell Senior Fellow
Faculty Director, Public Law and Policy Program
Faculty Co-Director, Undergraduate Program in Law, Policy, and Equity

Phone: (541) 346-5797

Professor Stuart Chinn received his B.A., Ph.D. (political science) and J.D. degrees from Yale University. Prior to arriving at the University of Oregon School of Law, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Texas School of Law. His research and teaching interests are in constitutional law, constitutional theory, legislation, and legal and political history.

He has published:

RECALIBRATING REFORM: THE LIMITS OF POLITICAL CHANGE (Cambridge University Press, 2014) (included in the book series Cambridge Historical Studies in American Law and Society, edited by Christopher Tomlins), available at http://www.amazon.ca/Recalibrating-Reform-Limits-Political-Change/dp/1107057531

"Universal Arguments and Particular Arguments on Abortion Rights," 75 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW (forthcoming) (symposium contribution)

"Situating ‘Groups’ in Constitutional Argument: Interrogating Judicial Arguments on Economic Rights, Gender Equality, and Gay Equality," 18 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (forthcoming 2015)

"The Ideology Behind Brown v. Board of Education: Political Parties and 'Jurisprudential Bundling," 92 DENVER UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 45 (2014)

"Institutional Recalibration and Judicial Delimitation" 37 LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY 535 (2012) (peer-reviewed)

“Judicial Delimitation in the New Deal Era,” book chapter in the edited volume LIVING LEGISLATION (Jeffrey A. Jenkins & Eric M. Patashnik eds., University of Chicago Press, 2012)

"Race, the Supreme Court, and the Judicial-Institutional Interest in Stability" 1 JOURNAL OF LAW 1 LAW & COMMENTARY)) 95 (2011) (faculty-edited)

Commentaries on the article by Professors Bruce Ackerman 1 J.L. (1 L. & COMMENT.) 185 (2011) and Sanford Levinson 1 J.L. (1 L. & COMMENT.) 191 (2011) may be accessed at http://journaloflaw.us/

"Democracy-Promoting Judicial Review in a Two-Party System: Dealing with Second-Order Preferences" 38 POLITY 478 (2006) (peer-reviewed)

At present, he is working on a set of scholarly projects concerning political party ideology in American legal and political history.

Email Address: schinn@uoregon.edu

SSRN Page: http://ssrn.com/author=1554366

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