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Copyright and Social Media Pluralism in China

April 18, 2014

8:45–9:00: Opening remarks

9:00–10:00: Keynote
Wendy Gordon (Boston University School of Law): “Could Copyright Help China Democratize?”
Q&A section

10:00–10:15: Break

10:15–12:00: Panel: Copyright and Cultural Policy in China
Rogier Creemers (Oxford University): “Copyright, Control, and Culture in China”
Lucy Montgomery (Queensland University of Technology): “Shaping an Open Future? Copyright and the Creative Industries in China”
Peter Yu (Drake Law School): “China’s Copyright Conundrum”
Q&A section

12:00–12:15: Break

12:15–1:20: Panel: Piracy and the Public Sphere in China
Li Jinying (Oregon State University): “P2P, Piracy, and Public Sphere in Information-Age China”
Tianxiang He (Maastricht University): “Possible Solution? The Fan Activities and Copyright Protection of Audiovisual Products in China”
Q&A section

1:20–2:30: Lunch and luncheon address
Kyu Ho Youm (University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication): “Importing Free Speech Law from the United States: Legal Transplantation in Korea as a Case Study in Asia”

2:30–4:15: The Control–Commerce Dialog
Yu Zhao (Zhejiang University): “Chinese Dream, Positive Energy and TV Entertainment: The Tightrope Walk of Chinese Provincial Satellite TV Channels”
Hongsong Song (Yantai University School of Law): “The Development of Copyright Law and the Transition of Press Control in China”
Eric Priest (University of Oregon School of Law): “How Copyright Helps China’s Creative Industries to Push the Boundaries of Permissible Speech”
Q&A section

4:15–4:30: Closing remarks


Conference schedule subject to revision.

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