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Faculty Honors and Awards

University of Oregon School of Law faculty members are consistently recognized for their contributions to higher education and to the legal academy. The law faculty maintains a high reputation for scholarship and teaching among judges, attorneys, and other law school professors throughout the United States.

Below are School of Law and University of Oregon Awards with which Oregon Law faculty have been honored.

School of Law Honors and Awards:

Orlando Hollis Award

Established in 1990 by an endowment gift from Wallace and Ellen Kaapcke in honor of Orlando John Hollis and "awarded annually to the School of Law's outstanding teacher to reward excellence in classroom instruction."

2013 Mohsen Manesh
2012 Jennifer Reynolds
2011 Suzanne Rowe
2010 Tom Lininger
2009 Adell Amos
2008 Andrea Coles-Bjerre
2007 Robert Tsai
2006 Joseph C. Metcalfe
2005 Carl S. Bjerre
2004 Michael Moffitt
2003 Garrett Epps
2002 Mary Wood
2001 Steve Bender
2000 Nancy Shurtz
1999 R. James Mooney
1998 Robin Morris Collin
1997 Dominick Vetri
1996 Margaret Paris
1995 Caroline Forell
1994 Lisa Kippenberg
1993 David Schuman
1992 Fred Merrill
1991 Leslie Harris
1990 Mary Lawrence

Meritorious Service Award

Established in 1984 honoring persons who have contributed significantly either to legal education or to the law or legal profession more generally. The award is presented at graduation each year.

2013 The Hon. David Schuman
2012 The Hon. Procter Hug, Jr.
2011 James O’Fallon
         The Hon. Martha Walters
2010 Carolyn S. Chambers
          Mary S. Lawrence
2009 Merv Loya
2008 Rennard Strickland
2007 The Hon. Dorothy W. Nelson
2006 The Hon. Wallace P. Carson, Jr.
          Phyllis Barkhurst
2005 Alice Plymell
2004 The Hon. Ronald L. Wyden
          The Hon. Stephen Reinhardt
2003 The Hon. Ellen Rosenblum
2002 Norman J. Wiener
          Minoru Yasui
2001 Ray and Lois Ackerman
2000 The Hon. Helen J. Frye
1999 The Hon. Sandra Day O'Connor
          Frank Lacy
1998 Hardy Myers
1997 Wendell Wyatt
1996 Noreen K. Saltveit
          Otto Frohnmayer
1995 Anthony Yturri
          Oglesby Young
1994 Arthur C. Johnson
          Sidney I. Lezak
1993 Jeannette C. Hayner
          John L. Luvaas
          Eugene F. Scoles
1992 John E. Jaqua
          Frank E. Nash
1991 Chapin D. Clark
1990 John H. VanLandingham
1989 The Hon. Alfred T. Goodwin
          The Hon. Edwin J. Peterson
1988 The Hon. Roland K. Rodman
          The Hon. Richard L. Unis
1987 Richard W. Nahstoll
1986 Hans A. Linde
1985 Kenneth J. O’Connell
          Lois I. Baker
1984 Orlando John Hollis
          William G. East

University of Oregon Honors and Awards:

Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching

The late Mr. A.J. Ersted established the Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching so the University of Oregon could annually honor faculty members who have taught comparatively short periods and have demonstrated exceptional abilities to induce students to reason and not merely memorize. The Ersted Award is presented only to faculty who are early in their teaching careers, and who have taught at the University of Oregon for at least two years. This teaching may occur at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Oregon Law Ersted Award
2012 Jennifer Reynolds
2006 Tom Lininger
2004 Michael Moffitt
1994 Mary C. Wood
1989 David Schuman
1984 Laird Kirkpatrick
1982 Charles Wilkinson
1957 Charles G. Howard received the inaugural award

Wayne Westling Award

The award is named in honor of Professor Wayne Westling, Professor of Law at the University of Oregon from 1979-2001, recognized across campus for his unswerving and selfless commitment to faculty governance at the University of Oregon. It is given to a faculty or staff member for their outstanding and long-term leadership and service to the university.

2011 John Bonine

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award

This award recognizes members of the University of Oregon whose contributions to the campus community, beyond typical job expectations, also uphold and exemplify ideals supported by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2012 Dominick Vetri
2010 Lawrence Seno

The Fund for Faculty Excellence Awards

The Fund for Faculty Excellence Awards are bestowed to tenured or tenure-related faculty who have distinguished themselves in research, teaching, and leadership.

2013 Adell Amos
2012 Michelle McKinley
2008 Tom Lininger
2007 Michael Moffitt
2007 Robert Tsai

Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives (I3) Award

The award, presented by the University of Oregon organization Research, Innovation and Graduate Education, provides funding to interdisciplinary research groups in support of developing large-scale projects.

2013 Erik Girvan

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