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2012 LWI Biennial Conference

Poster Presentation Information

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for a poster presentation at the 2012 LWI Biennial Conference. A poster is an exciting way to communicate information in a visual and direct manner. At the Conference, there will be a specific session set aside for all poster presentations. This will allow everyone at the Conference to have an opportunity to view the posters during the poster presentation session and to speak with the presenters.


You can click here to see samples of the posters presented at the 2008 and 2010 Biennial Conferences. In addition, you can see other sample posters at http://www.aals.org/am2008/posters.html.


When you submit a proposal for a poster presentation, you will submit your proposal on the same site as other proposals.  You do not have to submit an image of your poster when you submit your proposal, and most people do not. However, if you have an image of your poster that you would like to provide, you may email it to Candace Mueller Centeno.

Further information will be provided after proposals are accepted regarding the following information:

  • display arrangements,
  • how to get your poster to the Conference,
  • poster guidelines,
  • abstract requirements and samples, and
  • mentors for those who have not previously prepared a poster or who have questions.

If you have any questions, please email Candace Mueller Centeno at centeno@law.villanova.edu, Associate Professor of Legal Writing, Villanova Law School, 610-519-6414.

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