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Legal Research and Writing

ALWD Scholars’ Forum/Workshop




Oregon Law hosted an ALWD Scholars' Forum and Workshop on Friday, August 10, 2012. Twelve legal writing professors from across the country participated: Cindy Archer (Loyola LA), Debbie Borman (Northwestern), Brooke Bowman (Stetson), Cassandra Hill (TSU Thurgood Marshall), Kim Holst (ASU), Megan McAlpin (Oregon), Anne Mullins (Oregon), Valerie Munson (SIU), Robert Somers (Whittier), Rebecca Scharf (UNLV), Carrie Sperling (ASU), and Hadley Van Vactor (USC). The facilitators were Anne Enquist (Seattle), Steve Johansen (Lewis & Clark), Joan Rocklin (Oregon) and Suzanne Rowe (Oregon).

Following morning presentations of scholarly articles and book chapters in the Workshop and presentations for scholarly topics in the Forum, participants and facilitators enjoyed "Lunch with Legends." Special guests included Mary Lawrence (Oregon), Charles Calleros (ASU), Terri LeClercq (Texas), and Laurel Oates (Seattle).

The event was sponsored by the Association of Legal Writing Directors and coincided with the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference.


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