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Legal Research and Writing

Preparing for Law School

UO students toured the Oregon Supreme Court building as guests of Justice Durham. LRW tutor Laura Beaton organized the event.

Students who are considering law school frequently ask what they should do to prepare. Here are our ideas for preparing for a successful experience in Legal Research and Writing:

Rest. Law school is challenging, so you need to arrive refreshed both mentally and physically. Try to allow yourself a few weeks before law school to relax, spend time with friends and family, and wrap up any loose ends from your last educational or work experience.

Read. Law students read a lot! Reading before law school provides two advantages. First, you get used to sitting in front of a book for a few hours at a time. If you haven’t read a lot lately, the physical discipline of simply reading in one spot will be useful. Second, reading good literature can help you with your writing.

Review Writing. You’ll write a lot in LRW. Our focus will be on organizing legal analysis and presenting ideas clearly. We don’t spend much time on writing fundamentals because we assume new law students have studied grammar and punctuation already. But if you haven’t written much for a while, you may want to review those rules. You might start on our “Writing Links” page.

Preview LRW. If you’re eager or anxious about LRW, read the attached article to learn more about this crucial course.

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