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Alumni earn honors for public service program

By David Eder ’05
Assistant City Attorney, City of Beaverton

PSPS founders display their honors

The American Bar Association awarded the Oregon New Lawyer’s Division the ABA Young Lawyers Division National Project of the Year for Service to the Bar for its Practical Skills Through Public Service (PSPS) program.

The program was created by Ben Eder ‘05, David Eder ‘05, James Bruce ‘06, Karen Clevering, and Kaori Tanabe.

“In this economy, we wanted to help newer lawyers gain experience. There is still a client base in need of legal representation,” noted Ben Eder.

This program, supported by both Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court Paul DeMuniz and Steve Puicci, president of the Oregon State Bar, connects unemployed or underemployed lawyers with public service organizations to provide services to those in need. Attorneys receive training, provide legal services (with their work supervised by experienced practitioners), and develop essential professional skills.

Bruce recalled, “It was a rewarding project. We have a motivated group of young professionals in the ONLD who recognized a need and worked to meet it.”

David Eder commented, “We are so lucky to have the financial backing from Barran Liebman, Bullard Law, Marc Johnston, Miller Nash, Slinde Nelson, Stephens Margolin, Stoel Rives, Thuemmel & Uhle, Kell Alterman & Runstein and Stoll Berne to be able to host a reception and provide lunches to volunteers during training sessions.”

Thirty-eight lawyers have been placed and are serving the community through this program.

The PSPS program is preparing another round of placements for later in the year. If you know of any organizations or newer lawyers interested in participating or supporting the program, please contact Danielle Edwards (dedwards@osbar.org).

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