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Angel Gambino ’97 makes Wired’s Top 100 list

Oregon Law grad takes global focus to her career

Angel Gambino ’97, was recently awarded the 100th spot on Wired’s list of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs. She has consulted for and served on the boards of a diverse array of media companies and social networking sites, including the BBC, Bebo, MTV, Sonico, and SXSW. Gambino got her start at Oregon Law, where she received a certificate in Ocean and Coastal Law in 1997.

“Even though I was focused on environmental law, I certainly think that some of the skills that I developed have now helped me as an entrepreneur,” she said. During her time at the law school, Gambino helped form the UO chapters of the Great Ape Project and the Surf Rider Project.

“There’s so much passion at the law school,” Gambino said. She drew on that passion when working as a lawyer for the Humane Society of the United States. Gambino switched her career focus from law to business after working for the Humane Society.

“After I had my law degree at one of the top institutions for environmental law, I thought, that’s enough school,” Gambino said. “Then I was in my professional career, and had a top job at the BBC. I realized I had migrated from public interest law into business.”

Gambino attended INSEAD, a renowned global business school, after working at the BBC for four years. She soon grew a global network of colleagues and peers that she would draw upon in the future. Gambino is the vice president of business development for Sonico, a Latin American social networking site.

Gambino currently is working on a project to restore and develop iconic buildings in Detroit. She is also consulting for Santa Barbara-based wi fi audio system developer Sonos and Bulls Eye Hub marketing in London, and she serves on the advisory board for music and arts festival SXSW, looking for new businesses, artists, and musicians for 2012.

“It’s a 24/7 job. It can be tiring. The Internet doesn’t shut off when people go to bed. It means that you have to be responsive all of the time,” Gambino said. “But it also means I can take my son to school, pick him up, do all the things I want to do as a mom. I like that flexibility.”

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