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Selected faculty publications and presentations

We regret any omissions due to distribution deadlines. If you would like to submit a faculty accomplishment for inclusion in the next Oregon Lawyer Online please email agreen@uoregon.edu.

Adell Amos

Adell Amos’s work in the Klamath Basin was featured in the Autumn 2012 edition of the Oregon Quarterly in an article entitled "Watershed Moment for the Klamath Basin." In addition, Amos has been asked to serve on the ABA's Public Lands Committee for the upcoming year. Finally, Amos has joined an interdisciplinary research team that includes scientists, economists and hydrologists from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University on the second phase of a National Science Foundation grant looking at modeling hydrologic and policy scenarios around water supply in the Willamette Basin in coming decades. She will receive funding through this larger NSF grant to complete ongoing research projects.

Carl Bjerre

Carl Bjerre published a book review essay in the most recent issue of the Banking and Finance Law Review. Its subject is a volume of essays originating at an Oxford University conference on the Geneva Securities Convention, for the negotiations on which Bjerre was a member of the U.S. delegation. This Convention seeks to internationalize the commercial law of securities held through brokers, custodian banks and other intermediaries.



John Bonine

John Bonine was a delegate to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development ("Rio+20") in Rio de Janeiro in June of 2012, representing Environment-People-Law of Ukraine. He advocated for recognition of human rights in the document being negotiated by governments.

While in Rio, Bonine lectured on access to justice at the Colloquium on Environmental Law and Justice at the Supreme Court of Rio de Janeiro. He also attended the Worldwide Conference of Environmental Lawyers at the Rio Botanical Garden, and participated in the World Congress of Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability (a meeting of judges and attorneys general) in Portobello, Brazil.

During the third week of June, Bonine was back in Rio de Janeiro among a group of experts on public participation from around the world invited by The Access Initiative of Washington, D.C., to a “Global Gathering” to meet and map out strategy for future efforts at opening up information and participation in environmental matters. That same week, he lectured on accountability mechanisms of international financial institutions at a seminar hosted by the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

In July, Bonine lectured at the Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law in Maryland and at an international symposium at the World Bank dedicated to the work of the late professor Svitlana Kravchenko. He then flew to Ukraine, where he conducted seminars for the lawyers at Environment-People-Law.

In September, Bonine helped organize and participated in "New Directions for Human Rights and the Environment: A Symposium Inspired by Svitlana Kravchenko." The conference showcased new ideas from scholars in a field that Kravchenko did much to help create. It attracted 16 speakers from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the United States. Articles by the participants will appear in coming issues of the Oregon Review of International Law and Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation.

Susan Gary

Susan Gary recently published The Probate Definition of Family: A Proposal for Guided Discretion in Intestacy, 45 MICH. J. L. REFORM787 (2012). On May 20, she presented “The Prudent Investor Rule and Charities” as part of a panel titled “The ALI’s Prudent Investor Rule 20 Years On” at the American Law Institute’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. Rob Sitkoff (Harvard) organized the panel. On September 13, Gary gave an “UPMIFA Update” during the annual meeting of the University Foundation Legal Counsel of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, in Portland. Finally, on August 24, Gary was quoted in the New York Times in an article about a lawsuit seeking to enforce donor intent in gifts that created La Casa Italiana at Columbia University.

Mohsen Manesh

On September 20 and 21, Mohsen Manesh visited Wilmington, Del., as the 2012 scholar-in-residence at the Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law at Widener University School of Law. During his visit, Manesh presented his paper, “Express Contract Terms and Implied Contractual Covenant of Delaware Law,” to faculty members and editors of the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law at Widener University and, separately, to a group of practitioners at the Wilmington Club in downtown Wilmington.

During his visit, Manesh also had separate meetings with Vice Chancellor Travis Laster of the Delaware Court of Chancery and Delaware Assistant Secretary of State Rick Geisenberg, during which he discussed his scholarship and its relevance to the state’s policymakers. The entire visit was sponsored by the Delaware Counsel Group, a private law firm in Wilmington.

On September 11, Manesh presented the same paper at a faculty workshop at the University of California Davis School of Law. The paper will be published in early 2013 in the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law.

Roberta Mann

On Sept. 14, Roberta Mann moderated a panel titled “Tax Platforms of the Presidential Candidates: Does it make a difference to voters?” at the ABA Tax Section meeting in Boston, Mass. The panel discussed President Obama and Governor Romney’s differing positions on taxes, and whether the tax views of the candidates matter to voters, and why.

On Sept. 22, she presented her draft paper, “Batteries in our Future,” at the 13th Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation, in Vancouver, BC. The paper makes recommendations for encouraging more rapid development and deployment of improved energy storage technology through environmental taxation.

Finally, Mann’s article entitled "Smart Incentives for the Smart Grid" was recently accepted for publication in theNew Mexico Law Review.

Megan McAlpin and Liz Frost

On August 10 and 11, Megan McAlpin and Liz Frost hosted the Second Annual Western Regional Legal Writing Conference at the University of Oregon School of Law. The conference brought in over 80 participants from across the country and abroad. Members of the legal writing discipline spent two days in Eugene sharing their ideas and energy around the conference theme, “The Legal Research and Writing Triathlon: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service.” Dean Judy Stinson of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University acted as the plenary speaker.

David Frohnmeyer

In recent months, Dave Frohnmayer concluded his appointment as Special Assistant to the University President, where he worked on university advancement, transition planning for the new president and on legislative issues affecting university independence. He attended the 15th reunion of his Rhodes Scholarship class, was principal speaker at the University’s Constitution Day proceedings, was a guest speaker at Tualatin High School’s 20thanniversary celebration and led a leadership training seminar for state, local and non-profit managers. Frohnmayer also co-moderated sessions of the 24thAnnual Fanconi Anemia Research Fund Science Symposium in Denver, Colo. in late September. Finally, Frohnmayer and Dr. Barbara West completed revisions on their monograph, Explorations in Leadership Theory: A Liberal Arts Perspective and are using the treatise in their colloquium in the University’s Honors College.

Anne Mullins

Anne Mullins presented at the Second Annual Western Regional Legal Writing Conference. The title of her presentation was “Walker v. Birmingham: Why the Iconic Case is an Example of Poor Judicial Writing.”





Eric Priest

In July, Eric Priest was quoted in the Capital Press news article, “Japanese Company Files Suit over 'Gray Market' Machinery,” concerning trademark liability for the importation of gray market goods.

In August, Priest presented his work-in-progress, “Acupressure: The Role of Market Forces in China's Emerging Copyright Enforcement Environment,” at the 2012 Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at Stanford Law School.

In September, Priest presented another work-in-progress,“Toward a Theory of Polycentric Governance in Copyright Law,” at the International Association for the Study of the Commons conference, “Governing Pooled Knowledge Resources: Building Institutions for Sustainable Scientific, Cultural, and Genetic Resource Commons” at Université Catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Priest also wrote a featured guest blog post for the American Constitution Society titled “Is It Unfair Competition to Sell a Product in the U.S. that was Manufactured Overseas Using Pirated Software?.” Also in September, Stuart Shieber, Harvard Computer Science professor and director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, blogged about Priest's recent article, “Copyright and the Harvard Open Access Mandate.”

Ofer Raban

Ofer Raban published two articles this summer. “Capitalism, Liberalism, and the Right to Privacy” explores the relation between liberalism and the constitutional right to privacy by offering a definition of liberalism and comparing it to substantive due process doctrine. The article was published in the Tulane Law Review. “Conflicts of Rights: When the Federal Constitution Restricts Civil Liberties” examines the common phenomena of conflicts among civil and constitutional rights, and the consequent limitation that the federal constitution may impose on the ability of Congress or the States to expand civil liberties. This article was published in the Rutgers Law Review. Raban also participated in the annual O’Connell Conference in Portland, where he delivered a presentation entitled “Citizens United’s Vision of Democracy.”

Suzanne Rowe

Suzanne Rowe organized an Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD) Scholars' Workshop and Forum held at the Law School on August 10. Twelve professors from around the country presented draft papers in the workshop and scholarship ideas in the forum. The event was funded by a grant from ALWD.

Earlier this summer, Rowe was invited to join the editorial board of Perspectives, a West publication with articles addressing legal research and writing pedagogy.

Finally, Rowe's article "Legal Research, Legal Analysis, and Legal Writing: Putting Law School into Practice” recently made SSRN's Top 10 list under the category Practice of Law Librarianship. The SSRN posting is an updated version of a symposium piece first published in 2000. Law faculty nationwide assign the article at the beginning of the fall semester each year.

Dom Vetri

In August, Dom Vetri, with co-author Scott Lucas, published the Products Liability chapter in the Oregon State Bar's two volume series on Tort Law. Over the summer, Vetri gave two lectures at La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy: one on American products liability law to a Masters program in European Law on May 19; and a second lecture on the American legal education system to first year law students on May 22. While in Rome, he also attended the International Bar Association's conference,"New Art: New Legal Challenges," at The National Museum of XXI Century Arts.


Merle Weiner

Merle Weiner presented a paper at the International Society of Family Law's North American Regional Conference held in Iowa City, Iowa in June. The name of her paper was "The Parent-Partner Status and Nonmonetary Obligations: The Obligation of ‘Relationship Work’ at the Transition to Parenthood and at the Time of the Romantic Relationship’s Demise." In addition, in September, the federal government funded the federal grant that Weiner wrote and submitted on behalf of Sexual Assault Support Services, as lead applicant, for $228,779. These funds will support sexual assault legal services at the Survivors Justice Center for rural Lane County survivors. Weiner has also been on the Attorney Manual Consulting Committee for a new project, funded in part by the Office of Violence Against Women, to help lawyers help domestic violence victims who are fleeing transnationally for safety with their children.

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