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Faculty Spotlight: Michael Fakhri

Combining an innovative teaching style with a passion for international law, Assistant Professor Michael Fakhri is an inspiration to the students he teaches.

Fakhri, who joined UO Law two years ago, went to Harvard Law School and received a doctorate degree from University of Toronto. He applies his diverse career experiences to educate his students at Oregon Law.

Throughout his life, Fahkri has lived in locations all over the world. Although born in Canada, he grew up in Saudi Arabia before attending high school in Lebanon, where his parents are from originally. Today, Fahkri is a dual citizen of both Canada and Lebanon. He travels domestically in the United States once or twice a month for work-related reasons, and to Egypt once a year for conferences and workshops in international law.

Fahkri began his career practicing law at a firm in downtown Toronto doing corporate transactions. Following this, he worked as a social justice litigator, primarily practicing mental health law and civil cases, although his true passion was to practice international law from a social justice perspective. Eventually, he saw attending graduate school at Oregon Law as an opportunity to merge his passions for international law and social justice and share that knowledge with others.

Fahkri was, and still is, heavily involved in the international social justice community, a growing political movement amongst law scholars. In fact, it was meeting with several of these scholars that inspired Fahkri to give back to the international law community by hosting a conference titled, “Third World Approaches to International Law,” this past fall. The conference attracted scholars from all over the world, and was sponsored in part by The Wayne Morse Center and the Oregon Review of International Law, a student-run journal that focuses on international law and policy.

Fahkri currently teaches international trade and investment law as well as international business transactions and development at Oregon Law. His interactive teaching style makes his classes popular among students.

“I find that despite grumbling everyone enjoys group work,” Fakhri said. “It’s more hands-on and allows for different roles to emerge within the group.” Staying flexible and open to different learning methods allows Fakhri to aid in his students’ progress as well.

The Oregon Law environment gives Fakhri the opportunity to learn about his students.

“I enjoy class discussion, primarily finding out what students think and where they take the material,” Fahkri said. “The questions that they ask creates a more interesting and interactive environment.”

Fakhri lives with his partner, Lisa Romano (a Toronto native). When he isn’t teaching or traveling, he enjoys hiking and swimming in Eugene.

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