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Power of Giving

Legal education is at a crossroads, and we ask you to engage with us as our school responds. We are optimistic about the future. Oregon Law is making dramatic changes, and there is much work ahead of us. We are invigorated by the challenges in today’s legal market and in the landscape of higher education, and see these as catalysts for continued innovation and improvement.

As the state’s only public law school, we meet these challenges with one key consideration always in mind—serving our students. Our school will continue to treat its students with care and respect, and provide them with rigorous preparation for professional life. We are finding ways to enhance their hands-on educational experiences and practical skills training, while still providing them with a broad-based, comprehensive legal education.

The most significant challenge we face today, as we seek to serve our students’ educational needs, is a financial one. Despite our significant increases in student scholarships and our efforts toward cost-containment, the recent cuts in state support have been dramatic. The result is that our students face unprecedented debt loads, limiting their professional choices. We are re-focusing our efforts to find additional funds to support student scholarships, the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) and to continue our newly created Student Fellowship program as a way to attract excellent students and to help alleviate a portion of the student debt load.

Although we are proud of our efforts and of the new initiatives aimed at addressing these challenges, our efforts alone will not go far enough. We need your help and involvement.

You play an increasingly important role in Oregon Law’s future. You are central to the way we engage in admissions, student outreach, mentorship and career and professional development. As our alums and friends, you have been generous with your time, your talents and your financial support; you’ve helped to position our school and our students for success.

Please take a moment to reflect on how an alum, faculty member or law school administrator may have factored into supporting your success as a student or in your early career. This issue of Oregon Lawyer Online provides you with just a glimpse of the amazing work taking place at our law school.

Please support Oregon Law as we address these challenges and help this next generation of leaders by providing your support to the Oregon Law Fund, The Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) and Oregon Law Student Scholarship Fund.

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