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Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund

Allison Rackley

With the support of an OLSPIF stipend, I was able to spend an amazing and extremely rewarding summer interning for the District Attorney's Office for Prosecutorial District 15B of North Carolina (my home district). I learned so much during my time with the DA's office, and it was truly an invaluable experience. AllisonRackley

Over the course of my internship, I helped to run District Court by negotiating pleas and dismissals, calling the docket. I also prosecuted bench trials, including DWI trials, sitting first chair. I sat second chair in Superior Court on jury trials for first-degree felony kidnapping, and felony drug possession.

Additionally, I was selected to work the domestic violence docket with a senior ADA every week, where I ran hearings, worked with victims, and negotiated pleas. I prosecuted violations of domestic violence protective orders, assault on a female, and assault inflicting serious bodily injury cases. While in DV court I also worked with local victim's advocacy groups who were able to supplement the already phenomenal experience the DA's office was providing me.

I was so inspired by my summer experience. I saw firsthand how the prosecution and the defense can work together to ensure that the legal system works for the public interest — it takes dedicated and passionate attorneys on both sides. I was able to work opposite the Public Defender's Office as well as private defense attorneys, and they were all wonderful and inspiring people, as was everyone in the DA's Office. Even on the hardest, most exhausting days of my internship, I was excited, inspired, and felt every day as though I was truly helping people in my community. The dedication and mentorship that I witnessed and experienced with all of the attorneys (ADA's and defense attorneys alike) was moving, inspiring, and strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in public interest law.

Without the support of an OLSPIF stipend, I would not have been able to have this amazing experience. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity that OLSPIF was able to provide me, and I will continue to be thankful for the rest of my legal career.

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