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Oregon Law Students Public Interest Fund

Message to former OLSPIF Board Members and Stipend Recipients

We are writing to you because you received an OLSPIF stipend or are a former OLSPIF Board Member. Given the increasing cost of attending law school (current in-state tuition is now over $28,300) and an extremely tight job market, Oregon Law students need your support to help fund OLSPIF stipends more than ever.

Without a doubt, OLSPIF-funded students are a force multiplier for organizations that help the underserved, enabling more at-risk individuals to receive legal assistance. And, in many cases, an OLSPIF stipend alters a student’s career direction, opening doors to new opportunities. Please visit the OLSPIF website to read the stories from OLSPIF’s 2014 stipend recipients.

After making significant changes to the OLSPIF Auction format in 2011, OLSPIF raised record funds and fifteen students received stipends. In 2012, OLSPIF awarded a record 16 full stipends. While planning for the 2013 auction is underway, OLSPIF is also looking to the future, and exploring the possibility of creating an endowment for long-term funding stability.

We are writing to ask for your support for OLSPIF. We would love to include former OLSPIF Board members and stipend recipients as partners in success, including the following:

▪ Donations of auction items, including wine valued at greater than $25 per bottle, vacation properties, frequent flyer miles, personal services, etc.

Donations in any amount

▪ Attend the OLSPIF Auction in Eugene on February 13, 2015 and promote auction attendance to colleagues

▪ Ask your law firm to purchase a table at the auction ($600-8 top; $750-10 top)

▪ Ask your law firm to be a hospitality sponsor at $500

▪ Purchase a table with colleagues and invite a few law students as guests

You have seen or experienced the transformational power OLSPIF can make in your life and that of others. Please help OLSPIF extend its reach so others can benefit in a similar way.

Consider the powerful words of John-Michael Partessoti ’09, Stipend Recipient Summer ’07:

“The OLSPIF Stipend completely altered my career direction. Without it, I would never have interned at DNA People’s Legal Services and would not be managing the Chinle office of DNA People’s Legal Services. The stipend was a direct line to meaningful work where I can make positive change for people — and that’s my favorite part.”

Thank you for your commitment to Oregon Law students engaged in public service!


Cassandra Snelling, Co-Director for External Operations
Noah Glusman, Co-Director for Internal Operations
Kassandra Bessert, Co-Director for Fundraising
Jane Steckbeck, Managing Director Public Law and Policy Program

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