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Criminal Law Association

Our Mission Statement

The Criminal Law Association (CLA) was established on the 12th day of October 1999, by the students of the University of Oregon School of Law. Our Mission is to serve the interests of the students, faculty and administration as well as promote an interest in and provide an awareness of the various subdisciplines and related fields existing under the larger category of criminal law. Our pledge is to serve as a bridge between those students interested in the study of criminal law and the State of Oregon legal community, as well as to provide access and services to the various state and federal agencies, private firms, and not-for-profit organizations relating to any criminal law subdiscipline. Additionally, the CLA promises to pursue and promote an interest in community service.

What We Do

The City of Eugene and the State of Oregon are home to some of the finest and most dedicated individuals employed within the various subdisciplines of the legal profession. This legal community has embraced the University of Oregon School of Law, as well as its students, and has been instrumental in the development of students’ education and experiences through providing numerous internship opportunities, encouraging volunteer work, and providing helpful advice. The CLA will work to provide students with professional contacts and mentors. The CLA also hopes to be constructive in developing moot court competitions, and intends to send representative members to field-related conferences, as well as other activities. Additionally, the CLA will schedule a guest speaker every other month, in order to provide members and non-members an opportunity to experience the various subdisciplines of criminal law and to foster an even stronger and more fruitful relationship between the University of Oregon School of Law and Oregon’s legal community.

We will never forget.

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