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Green Business Initiative Student Association (GBISA) is an organization of graduate students from the University of Oregon, School of Law and the Lundquist College of Business. The organization is comprised of officers and an executive board who partake in planning campus events and the annual Green Business Symposium with the goal of learning from, and interacting with, sustainability-minded professionals on local, regional, and national levels.

2014-2015 Green Business Initiative Student Association Board

Trisha Thompson, Co-Director

Trisha is currently a second-year law student and got her undergrad degree from the University of Minnesota. Right now, Trisha participates in Oregon Law Review and Moot Court. She works for the Oregon Department of Justice and UO Legal Research and Writing Program. In her free time, Trisha enjoys spending time with friends and hiking. GBISA benefits Trisha and other UO law students by creating a forum for students to discuss coupling business needs and concepts with conservation of our local communities and environment while networking with professionals in their areas of interest.

Alexandra Hoffman, Co-Director

Alexandra graduated from Oregon State University receiving an undergrad degree in Environmental Chemistry. Now as a second year law student, she is an Oregon Sea Grant fellow and a staff editor on the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation. Last year she joined the student organization with hopes to combine business law with her background in environmental law. This student organization accomplishes that dream by hosting events relating to business law but having a sustainable twist to the topic. During the rare times she has off, Alexandra enjoys spending time at the park with her son, Liam.

Allan Snyder, Vice President of Logistics

Allan joined the Green Business Initiative as a first year law student. Currently a second year law student, he serves as Vice President of Logistics for the Initiative. He graduated from Washington State University in 1999 and has since pursued different careers in fields ranging from advertising to music to grocery.

Allan is excited for the opportunities the position has, does, and will afford him for networking, management, and leadership. Additionally, Allan feels strongly about implementing sustainable business practices in larger corporate and global processes and philosophies.  In his free time, Allan enjoys golfing, playing music, and attending sporting events.

Mathew Riberdy, Vice President of Finance

Mathew is a third-year law student at the University of Oregon, and is set to graduate in May. He joined GBISA to assist them with their mission of helping law students connect with legal professionals in the sustainable business legal landscape. He also wanted to be a contributing part of a collaborative group with like-minded law students, in order to help bring awareness to current legal issues and facilitate growth in field. His interests are hiking, backpacking, playing or watching hockey, and music.

Lauren Bernton, Vice President of Marketing

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Lauren earned her Bachelor’s degree in English, and Media Communication Studies from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Lauren is a second-year student at the University. She joined the club because she believes better integration of businesses into the changing landscape of sustainability is not only environmentally persuasive, but also increasingly necessary from the perspective of a successful modern business model. Lauren enjoys her position as VP of Marketing because she gets to engage with the law school and greater legal community.

Jabari Brown, 1L Logistics Committee Chair

Jabari is a first-year law student. Prior to law school, Jabari worked as a law clerk, an environmental consultant, and a data researcher. He previously attended the University of California at Berkeley with a major in Environmental Science. Jabari wrote his undergraduate research thesis on urban garden site selection in the Bay Area. His goal is to promote student interest in legal issues concerning sustainable development in the urban environment. In his spare time, Jabari enjoys learning about cutting edge technologies and inventions.

Kushal Patel, 1L Finance Committee Chair

Kushal graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and is currently a first-year law student. He believes that GBISA provides a great forum to meet like-minded people who are passionate about the growth and development of green business. Also, GBISA is a great opportunity to network and gain a better understanding of the steps being taken by businesses to develop a green business strategy.

Brent Sutten, 1L Marketing Committee Chair

Brent graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 2012 and is currently in his first year of law school at University. He joined Green Business Initiative Student Association because of his educational and professional background in environmental science. As a professional, Brent wants to his scientific and legal knowledge to create environmental policy. The GBISA provides an excellent forum to meet and network with people who will be instrumental to help accomplish this goal. When he is not buried in the pages of his casebooks, Brent enjoys fishing, biking, and playing soccer.

Bryce Kaufman, Content Board Member

Bryce received his undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon obtaining a degree in both business and psychology. Currently a second year law student, Bryce joined the Green Business Initiative to progress his interest and knowledge in the legal business world. Looking to end up as general counsel, GBISA provides Bryce the opportunity to meet legal professionals, who help their companies grow in a sustainable manner. On top of GBIA, Bryce is also a member of the Moot Court Board, and the Federal Bar Association, Student Division, as well as enjoys running, biking, hiking, and anything involving the outdoors.

Jacqueline Hise, Content Board Member

Obtaining her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, Jacqueline is currently a first-year law student at the University. She joined the club because she is interested in environmental issues and thinks that green business is a great way to tackle some of those issues. She believes that this organization will help her understand other ways to combat environmental problems and how business can play a role. GBISA will help her make beneficial contacts with those in business who are sympathetic to environmental law issues. Lastly, she enjoys hiking and biking around Oregon.

Jill Randolph, Marketing Board Member

Jill Randolph is a second-year law student at the University. While attending University of Idaho where she got her undergraduate degree in International Relations, Jill realized that sustainable business growth was in the public interest. Jill hopes to use the values and ideas she learned from GBISA to build a solid foundational understanding of how to best bridge the gap between expanding business and environmental sustainability. During her free time, Jill enjoys exploring all that Oregon has to offer from doughnuts to beaches to sustainable wineries.

Jacek Berka, General Member

Jacek Berka began his undergrad at Carroll College in Helena, Montana.  Unfortunately, after his first year, his parents forced him to transfer back home to Portland State University, where he completed his undergrad. He is a third year law student. Jacek joined GBISA as he feels that it combines a solidly idealistic core of dedication to preserving the environment, with a hardheaded pragmatism of doing so within the constraints of our currently existing technological and legal environment. Jacek feels that the club benefits his future career plans as it exposes him to a different area of law than he normally encounters. Jacek enjoys reading, playing videogames, hiking, and photography.

Emily Fenster, General Member

Emily is a recent graduate of Washington State University where she studied International Communications and Wildlife Ecology. She is currently a first-year law student at the University. Emily joined GBISA because she is interested in environmental law. Emily hopes that her involvement in GBISA will help her make professional connections and relationships that she can continue to foster throughout her career. She is also excited to gain extracurricular experience during law school that may be similar to work she will do in her future legal career. When Emily is not in school she enjoys staying active, through water activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, and scuba diving.

Morgan Gierke, General Member

Morgan graduated from the University of Washington and is currently a first-year law student. She joined GBISA because she liked the idea of earth friendly sustainable business practices. As a citizen on earth, Morgan wants to live a life that is respectful to her surroundings. As a future entrepreneur and business owner, I want to learn how to create and maintain sustainable business practices by learning from sustainable businesses with my colleagues in one of the most environmentally conscious places in the United States. Morgan enjoys playing soccer, tennis, yoga, reading poetry, and any and all water sports.

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