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Jeffry Hinman

Executive Editors
Edward Bushnell
Eric Wasik

Articles Editors
Melissa Anne Bates
Valerie Chermok
Managing Editors
Sarah Einowski
Mae Sader*
Laura Williamson

Symposium Editor
Kelly Fahl

Business Editor
Kevan J. McCulloch

Kimberly Clark
Peter Fehrs
Oritsejemine Mode

Michael Bernard
Leah Besson
Marco Aldo Boccato
Janet Carolyn Borth
Sarah Brandenburg
William A. Ganser V
Jasmine Hites

Senior Editors
Kyra Patterson
Amy Seely
Rachel Sowray

Brady Iandiorio
Landon Ipson
Teresa G. Jacobs
Autumn Johnson
Kris Kolta
Laura Koths

Operations Editor
John Deininger

Pierson W. Stoecklein
Alexander JL Theoharis
Alfredo Villanueva*

Anika Leerssen
Jennifer Maks
Maureen McGee
Jeremy N. Pyle
Drew Stillman
Audrey F. Walther
Kristin Ware

Adell Amos
Faculty Advisors
Robert Illig

Tom Lininger

Margaret L. Paris, Dean
Jeannette M. Lavander, Journals Office Coordinator

* 2008 Recipient, Chapin Clark Award for Editorial Excellence

Member of the National Conference of Law Reviews

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