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2011-12 Staff

Molly Fales

Executive Editor
Erin Smith*

Articles Editors
Emily Follansbee
Geoffrey Long
Managing Editors
Amy Harrington*
Miranda Larson
Trevor J. Cartales

Symposium Editor
Andrea Bibee
James Grifo

Business Editor
Emily Koekkoek

David Jacobson
Ian McCurdy

Benjamin Accola
Joseph Bushyhead
Patrick Crawley
Katherine Cummings
Jordan Dunlap
Scott Ficklin

Senior Editors
Brittany Barth

Michael Goetz
Benjamin Hobson
Sophia Marie Kuo Tiong
Jonathan M. McCabe
Jamison R. McCune
Lynne Nickol

Operations Editor
Andrew Kugler

Emily Snook*
Daniel S. Willing

Jonathan Patterson
Michele Peterson
Andrew Pollack
Jacob F. Shwartz
Sarah E. Spring
Alek A. Wipperman

Names followed by * received the Chapin Clark Award for editorial excellence

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