Oregon Law Review

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Volume 78, Number 3


[S]ome [A]ccurate [I]nformation is [B]etter than [N]o [I]nformation [A]t [A]ll: Arguments Against an Exception to the Learned Intermediary Doctrine Based on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
Jack B. Harrison and Mina J. Jefferson
78 Or. L. Rev. 605

On Dams and Democracy
Christine A. Klein
78 Or. L. Rev. 641

A "Just and Proper Division": Property Distribution at Divorce in Oregon
Leslie Joan Harris
78 Or. L. Rev. 735

Framers' Intent and Military Power: Has Supreme Court Deference to the Military Gone Too Far?
Kalyani Robbins
78 Or. L. Rev. 767


No Protection for the Elderly: The Inadequacy of the Capacity Doctrine in Avoiding Unfair Contracts Involving Seniors
Wendy Chung Rossiter
78 Or. L. Rev. 1101

Exploding Liability: Creating a Cause of Action for Defectively Designed Airbags under The Restatement (Third) of Torts
Susan M. Mudgett
78 Or. L. Rev. 827

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