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Volume 79, Number 2

Symposium: New and Critical Approaches to Law and Economics (Part II)

Norms Theory

Accounting for Greed: Unraveling the Rogue Trader Mystery
Kimberly D. Krawiec
79 Or. L. Rev. 301

An Attitudinal Theory of Expressive Law
Richard H. McAdams
79 Or. L. Rev. 339

Norms, Legitimacy and Law Enforcement
Tracey L. Meares
79 Or. L. Rev. 391

Critical Approaches to Property Institutions

Three Faces of Private Property
Michael A. Heller
79 Or. L. Rev. 417

Reasons within Passions: Emotions and Intentions in Property Rights Bargaining
Peter H. Huang
79 Or. L. Rev. 435

Left Brain, Right Brain and History in the New Law and Economics of Property
Carol M. Rose, Commentator
79 Or. L. Rev. 479


Diversity as a Compelling State Interest in Higher Education: Does Bakke Survive Affirmative Action Jurisprudence?
Ryan James Hagemann
79 Or. L. Rev. 493

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