Oregon Law Review

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Volume 79, Number 4


Hurrah for Revolution: A Critical Assessment of State Constitutional Interpretation
Jack L. Landau
79 Or. L. Rev. 793

Tribes as Rich Nations
Raymond Cross
79 Or. L. Rev. 893

The Court Does Not Know "What a Labor Union Is": How State Structures and Judicial (Mis)constructions Deformed Public Sector Labor Law
Joseph E. Slater
79 Or. L. Rev. 981

On the Double-Consciousness of Judging: The Problematic Legacy of Cardozo
Dan Simon
79 Or. L. Rev. 1033


"Killers Start Sad and Crazy": Mental Illness and the Betrayal of Kipland Kinkel
Elisa Swanson
79 Or. L. Rev. 1081

Protection of RU-486 as Contraption, Emergency Contraception and as an Abortafacient Under the Law of Contraception
RenĂˆe Wyser-Pratte
79 Or. L. Rev. 1121

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