Oregon Law Review

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Volume 80, Number 2

The Gilded Gates of Pension Protection: Amending the Anti-Alienation Provision of ERISA Section 206(d)
Sharon Reece
80 Or. L. Rev. 379

The Logic of Legal Conflict: The Perplexing Combination of Formalism and Anti-Formalism in Adjudication of Conflicting Legal Norms
Carlos E. Gonz┬Ělez
80 Or. L. Rev. 447

Alarming Attacks on Judges: Time to Defend Our Constitutional Trustees
Justice Bea Ann Smith
80 Or. L. Rev. 587

Contributory and Vicarious Liability for Trademark Dilution
John T. Cross
80 Or. L. Rev. 625


The Trust Doctrine and the Clean Water Act: The Environmental Protection Agency's Duty to Enforce Tribal Water Quality Standards Against Upstream Polluters
Kevin H. Kono
80 Or. L. Rev. 677

Bush, Gore, and the 2000 Presidential Election: Time for the Electoral College to Go?
Ky Fullerton
80 Or. L. Rev. 717

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