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Volume 80, Number 3


Economic Development in Indian Country: Will Capitalism or Socialism Succeed?
Robert J. Miller
80 Or. L. Rev. 757

Lessons from the Development of Western Water Law for Emerging Water Markets: Common Law vs. Central Planning
Andrew P. Morriss
80 Or. L. Rev. 861

A Tale of Three Statutes . . . (and One Industry): A Case Study on the Competitive Effects of Regulation
Rafael Gely
80 Or. L. Rev. 947


The Quest for Scholarship: The Legal Writing Professor's Paradox
Susan P. Liemer
80 Or. L. Rev. 1007

Book Review

Review Essay: Pomo Parenting
Barbara Stark
80 Or. L. Rev. 1035


Comprehensive Justice for Victims of Pornography-Driven Sex Crimes: Holding Pornographers Liable While Avoiding Constitutional Violation
Kristin Olson
80 Or. L. Rev. 1067

Pre-Enforcement Ripeness Doctrine: The Fitness of Hardship
David Floren
80 Or. L. Rev. 1107


Tribute to Dean Rennard Strickland
Dave Frohnmayer
80 Or. L. Rev. 1139

Rennard Strickland: A Tribute to a Magnificent Legal Educator
James P. White
80 Or. L. Rev. 1143

A Tribute to Dean Rennard Strickland
Chadwick Smith
80 Or. L. Rev. 1149

Tribute to Dean Rennard Strickland
Edwin L. Wade
80 Or. L. Rev. 1151

Rennard Strickland's Deanship: The Triumph of Axiology
Mary Christina Wood
80 Or. L. Rev. 1155

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