Oregon Law Review

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Volume 82, Number 1


New Dimensions in Sentencing Reform in the Twenty-First Century
Robert P. Mosteller
82 Or. L. Rev. 1

Selective Due Process: The United States Supreme Court Has Said That Punitive Damages Awards Must Be Reviewed for Excessiveness, but Many Courts Are Failing to Follow the Letter and Spirit of the Law
Victor E. Schwartz, Mark A. Behrens, and Rochelle M. Tedesco
82 Or. L. Rev. 33

Tribal Sovereignty: Them and Us
Daan Braveman
82 Or. L. Rev. 75


Federalism: Finding Meaning Through Historical Analysis
Christopher J. Parosa
82 Or. L. Rev. 119

Web Site Outages: Isn't It Time to Do More?
Jason F. Bedell
82 Or. L. Rev. 159


Taking Shape: Temporary Takings and the Lucas Per Se Rule in Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council, Inc. v Tahoe Regional Planning Authority
Angela Schmitz
82 Or. L. Rev. 189