Oregon Law Review

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Volume 82, Number 2


Subpoenaing Information from the Gambling Industry: Will the Discovery Process in Civil Lawsuits Reveal Hidden Violations Including the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act?
John Warren Kindt
82 Or. L. Rev. 221

Diversity Class Actions, Common Relief, and the Rule of Individual Valuation
Steven S. Gensler
82 Or. L. Rev. 295

A Road to No Warez: The No Electronic Theft Act and Criminal Copyright Infringement
Eric Goldman
82 Or. L. Rev. 369

Housing Impact Assessments: Opening New Doors for State Housing Regulation While Localism Persists
Tim Iglesias
82 Or. L. Rev. 433


The Bill of Rights
Garrett Epps
82 Or. L. Rev. 517


Medical Monitoring: The Viability of a New Cause of Action in Oregon
David C. Campbell
82 Or. L. Rev. 529

Searching for a Corporate Liability Standard Under the Alien Tort Claims Act in Doe v. Unocal
Ryan A. Tyz
82 Or. L. Rev. 559


Hope for Hanford Downwinders?: The Ninth Circuit's Ruling in In re Hanford Nuclear Reservation Litigation
Eric DeJure Wilson
82 Or. L. Rev. 581