Oregon Law Review

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Volume 83, Number 1


The Establishment Clause and the Concept of Inclusion
Lisa Shaw Roy
83 Or. L. Rev. 1


The Effect of the United States Supreme Courtís Eleventh Amendment Jurisprudence on Clean Water Act Citizen Suits: Muddied Waters
Hope Babcock
83 Or. L. Rev. 47

Mediator Immunity: The Misguided and Inequitable Shifting of Risk Scott H. Hughes
83 Or. L. Rev. 107

In (Reluctant) Defense of Enron: Why Bad Regulation Is to Blame for Californiaís Power Woes (or Why Antitrust Law Fails to Protect Against Market Power When the Market Rules Encourage Its Use) Darren Bush
Carrie Mayne
83 Or. L. Rev. 207


Are Babies Efficient?
Marshall S. Shapo
83 Or. L. Rev. 287


The Article 9 Buyerís Seller Rule & the Justification for Its Harsh Effects
John Lucas
83 Or. L. Rev. 289

The Martha Duty: Protecting Shareholders from the Criminal Behavior of Celebrity Corporate Figures
Jeffrey Sagalewicz
83 Or. L. Rev. 331