Oregon Law Review

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Volume 83, Number 2


Masculinities at Work
Ann C. McGinley
83 Or. L. Rev. 359

Whistleblowing and the Public Director: Countering Corporate Inner Circles
James Fanto
83 Or. L. Rev. 435

The Federal Arbitration Act and the Power of Congress over State Courts
David S. Schwartz
83 Or. L. Rev. 541

A Tear in the Eye of the Law: Mitigating Factors and the Progression Toward a Disease Theory of Criminal Justice
Jeffrey L. Kirchmeier
83 Or. L. Rev. 631


Race, Politics, and Denial: Why Oregon Forgot to Ratify the Fourteenth Amendment
Cheryl A. Brooks
83 Or. L. Rev. 731

Notes of the 1991 Advisory Committee for the Amendment of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45: Is the Compulsion to Testify of an Unretained Expert Witness a Taking?
George James Bagnall V
83 Or. L. Rev. 763