Oregon Law Review

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Volume 83, Number 3


Unmasking "John Doe" Defendants: The Case Against Excessive Hand-Wringing over Legal Standards
Michael S. Vogel
83 Or. L. Rev. 795

A Risk-Based Approach to Mandatory Arbitration
Scott Baker
83 Or. L. Rev. 861

The Freedom to Speak and the Freedom to Listen: The Admissibility of the Criminal Defendantís Taste in Entertainment
Helen A. Anderson
83 Or. L. Rev. 899

Access to Meaningful Remedy: Overcoming Doctrinal Obstacles in Tort Litigation Against Domestic Violence Offenders
Sarah M. Buel
83 Or. L. Rev. 945


Lawís Lunacy: W.S. Gilbert and His Deus ex Lege
Jeffrey G. Sherman
83 Or. L. Rev. 1035


Predatory Lending in Oregon: Does Oregon Need an Anti-Predatory Lending Law, or Do Current Laws and Remedies Suffice?
Dan Reynolds
83 Or. L. Rev. 1081