Oregon Law Review

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Volume 83, Number 4


A Narrative of Sovereignty: Illuminating the Paradox of the Domestic Dependent Nation
Sarah Krakoff
83 Or. L. Rev. 1109

Forty Years After New York Times v. Sullivan: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
David Kohler
83 Or. L. Rev. 1203

Thou Shalt Not Kill as a Defeasible Heuristic: Law and Economics and the Debate over Physician-Assisted Suicide
Daniel Gilman
83 Or. L. Rev. 1239

Tracing, Spousal Gifts, and Rebuttable Presumptions: Puzzles of Oregon Property Distribution Law
Leslie Joan Harris
83 Or. L. Rev. 1291


The Politics of Abundance: Towards a Future of Tribal-State Relations
Mary Christina Wood
83 Or. L. Rev. 1331


Users and Abusers: Has the Distinction Been Legislated out of Copyright?
Tim Hering
83 Or. L. Rev. 1349

Death Anyways: Federal Habeas Corpus Retroactivity Law and the Decision in Schriro v. Summerlin
C. Ryan Russell
83 Or. L. Rev. 1389