Oregon Law Review

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Volume 84, Number 1


"Slack" in the Administrative State and its Implications for Governance: The Issue of Accountability
David Markell
84 Or. L. Rev. 1

The Birth of a "Logical System": Thurman Arnold and the Making of Modern Administrative Law
Mark Fenster
84 Or. L. Rev. 69

Antitrust Remedies Revisited
Edward Cavanagh
84 Or. L. Rev. 147

Losing Faith: Extracting the Implied Covenant of Good Faith from (Some) Contracts
Teri J. Dobbins
84 Or. L. Rev. 227


The Current Medical Malpractice Crisis: The Need for Reform to Ensure a Tomorrow for Oregonís Obstetricians
Lindsay J. Stamm
84 Or. L. Rev. 283

EGTRRA and the Past, Present, and Future of Oregonís Inheritance Tax System
Steven D. Nofziger
84 Or. L. Rev. 317