Oregon Law Review

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Volume 84, Number 2


A Friendly Letter to the Oregon Supreme Court: Letís Try Again on the Parol Evidence Rule
Ralph James Mooney
84 Or. L. Rev. 369

The Revenge of Mullaney v. Wilbur: United States v. Booker and the Reassertion of Judicial Limits on Legislative Power to Define Crimes
Ian Weinstein
84 Or. L. Rev. 393

Resurrecting Comity: Revisiting the Problem of Non-Uniform Marriage Laws
Joanna L. Grossman
84 Or. L. Rev. 433

Economic Analysis of Technological Protection Measures
John A. Rothchild
84 Or. L. Rev. 489

Adverse Possession of Identity: Radical Theory, Conventional Practice
Jessica A. Clarke
84 Or. L. Rev. 563


The Dream that Never Dies: Eldred v. Ashcroft, the Author, and the Search for Perpetual Copyright
Christopher Ledford
84 Or. L. Rev. 655