Oregon Law Review

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Volume 84, Number 3


Examining Compliance with Fiduciary Duties: A Study of Real Estate Agents
Royce de R. Barondes and V. Carlos Slawson, Jr.
84 Or. L. Rev. 681

"A Legacy of Discrimination"? The Rhetoric and Reality of the Faith-Based Initiative: Oregon as a Case Study
Steven K. Green
84 Or. L. Rev. 725

What Copyright Teaches Patent Law About "Fair Use" and Why Universities Are Ignoring the Lesson
Lorelei Ritchie de Larena
84 Or. L. Rev. 779

Insider Trading in Mutual Funds
Mercer E. Bullard
84 Or. L. Rev. 821


Fundamental Right, Fundamentally Wronged: Oregonís Unconstitutional Stand on Same-Sex Marriage
Caleb W. Langston
84 Or. L. Rev. 861

All the Kingís Horses and All the Kingís Men: Are Oregon Courts Putting the Good Faith Obligation Back Together Again?
Daniel C. Peterson
84 Or. L. Rev. 907