Oregon Law Review

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Volume 84, Number 4


Religious Freedom and "Accommodationist Neutrality": A Non-Neutral Critique
Toni M.Massaro
84 Or. L. Rev. 935

Reforming Juvenile Delinquency
Treatment to Enhance Rehabilitation, Personal Accountability, and Public Safety
Douglas E. Abrams
84 Or. L. Rev. 1001

Is Crawford a "Get Out of Jail Free" Card for Batterers and Abusers? An Argument for a Narrow Definition of "Testimonial"
Carol A. Chase
84 Or. L. Rev. 1093

Norms and Enforcement: The Case Against Copyright Litigation
Ben Depoorter and Sven Vanneste
84 Or. L. Rev. 1127


Catholic Diocese Sexual Abuse Suits, Bankruptcy, and Property of the Bankruptcy Estate: Is the "Pot of Gold" Really Empty?
Joseph A. Rohner IV
84 Or. L. Rev. 1181

Exempt or Not Exempt: Mandated Prescription Contraception Coverage and the Religious Employer
Melissa Seifer Briggs
84 Or. L. Rev. 1227