Oregon Law Review

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Volume 85, Number 2


Symposium: Disentangling Church and State: Have Courts Done Enough?
Tom Lininger


Why Separate Church and State?
Erwin Chemerinsky
85 Or. L. Rev. 351


Nineteenth-Century Free Exercise Jurisprudence and the Challenge of Polygamy: The Relevance of Nineteenth-Century Cases and Commentaries for Contemporary Debates About Free Exercise Exemptions
Clark B. Lombardi
85 Or. L. Rev. 369

A "Spacious Conception": Separationism as an Idea
Steven K. Green
85 Or. L. Rev. 443

Of Compelling Interest: The Intersection of Religious Freedom and Civil Liberty in the Portland Priest Sex Abuse Cases
Kelly W.G. Clark, Kristian Spencer Roggendorf, and Peter B. Janci
85 Or. L. Rev. 481

Article I, Section 5: A Remnant of Prerevolutionary Oregon Constitutional Law
Charles F. Hinkle
85 Or. L. Rev. 541

Jeffersonian Walls and Madisonian Lines: The Supreme Court's Use of History in Religion Clause Cases
Mark David Hall
85 Or. L. Rev. 563