Oregon Law Review

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Volume 85, Number 4


Second Founding: The Story of the Fourteenth Amendment
Garrett Epps
85 Or. L. Rev. 895


Cars, Cops, and Crooks: A Reexamination of Belton and Carroll with an Eye Toward Restoring Fourth Amendment Privacy Protection to Automobiles
Carol A. Chase
85 Or. L. Rev. 913

"The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object": When Antidiscrimination Standards and Religious Belief Collide in ABA-Accredited Law Schools
Kristin B. Gerdy
85 Or. L. Rev. 943

The Inadequacy of Fiduciary Duty Doctrine: Why Corporate Managers Have Little to Fear and What Might Be Done About It
Celia R. Taylor
85 Or. L. Rev. 993


Fairness or Fiction: Striking a Balance Between the Goals of § 1983 and the Policy Concerns Motivating Qualified Immunity
Caryn J. Ackerman
85 Or. L. Rev. 1027

Missing from Oregon's Takings Clause: The Right to a Jury Trial of Compensation in Eminent Domain Proceedings
Sarah Peterson
85 Or. L. Rev. 1063