Oregon Law Review

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Volume 86, Number 1


Defense Access to a Prosecution Witness's Psychotherapy or Counseling Records
Clifford S. Fishman
86 Or. L. Rev. 1

Anticonsultative Trends in Nonprofit Governance
Norman I. Silber
86 Or. L. Rev. 65

Reconciliation and Nonrepetition: A New Paradigm for African-American Reparations
Maxine Burkett
86 Or. L. Rev. 99

Imagining a Progressive and Comprehensive Consumption Tax
Sean Raft
86 Or. L. Rev. 161


How to Stop a Predator: The Rush to Enact Mandatory Sex Offender Residency Restrictions and Why States Should Abstain
Justin H. Boyd
86 Or. L. Rev. 219

Cages, Clinics, and Consequences: The Chilling Problems of Controlling Special-Interest Extremism
Dane E. Johnson
86 Or. L. Rev. 249