Oregon Law Review

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Volume 86, Number 2


The Year of Truman Capote: Legal Ethics and In Cold Blood
David S. Caudill
86 Or. L. Rev. 295

The NCAA in Its Second Century: Defender of Amateurism or Antitrust Recidivist?
Daniel E. Lazaroff
86 Or. L. Rev. 329

Marrying Diversity and Independence in the Boardroom: Just How Far Have You Come, Baby?
Erica Beecher-Monas
86 Or. L. Rev. 373

Federal Labor Law, Indian Sovereignty, and the Canons of Construction
Bryan H. Wildenthal
86 Or. L. Rev. 413

How to Manufacture a Crisis: Evaluating Empirical Claims Behind "Tort Reform"
John T. Nockleby
86 Or. L. Rev. 533


Mandatory Mediation and Domestic Violence: Reformulating the Good-Faith Standard
Megan G. Thompson
86 Or. L. Rev. 599